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Perfect Revolution

117 2017
Kuma is disabled, suffering from congenital cerebral palsy and has been in a wheelchair for his entire life. Despite his palsy, he is an activist who extremely loves sex, acting for “sex for the disabled”! One day he meets a young beautiful girl, Mitsu. Soon after their encounter, she falls in love with Kuma who is living his life to the fullest. Mitsu reveals to him her secret that she works for a sex parlor and declares that “If someone like you and I get together happily, wouldn’t it be lovely? We’ll prove it to the world!”. Although Kuma has been afraid of falling in love with someone because of his handicap, he gradually starts opening his heart to Mitsu. However, Mitsu is secretly having a disability as she is suffering from a personality disorder.
Their pure and ultimate love has the power to destroy social barriers and even their own personal obstacle too. We are about to see –A perfect revolution of an imperfect couple-. This is the one and only love story inspired by a true story.
The one and only love story of Kuma who suffer from congenital cerebral palsy and Mitsu who suffer from a personality disorder.