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82min 2018
STORY:Once upon a time, there was a magnificent metropolis filled with glorious lights and elegant flowers blooming every season.  
This metropolis is called Heian-Kyo. But the city has two faces: the brighter it is in the day-time, the darker it gets at night-time. Once the sun sets and the night draws its curtain down, gruesome demons known as Horrors dominate the city.
The only shelter from Horrors is the Kogu, the center of Heian-Kyo. It is under the protection of Onmyoji. However, it’s a restricted area to which only the high nobles have access. Thus, meaning that the poor people are forced to live outside the Onmyoji’s spiritual barrier and spend every night under deadly threat.
Out of nowhere, an unknown squad comes to the rescue and annihilate all Horrors.
People call these saviors “The Guardians”. They are a group of Makai Priest, who possesses supernatural power and Makai Knight, an armed warrior who fights against the Horrors using their magical equipment.
The Guardians are; Raiko, Kintoki, and Seimei. And they all battle against the dark evils secretly.
One day, they encounter a man named Tokimaru. He also works in the shadows, saying that his only purpose is to build up his self-ego called Inga. Then what is Tokimaru’s reason to battle? The answer to that question leads the story to a surprising plot…
When the truth unravels, a hell fire is just about to devour the whole city of Heian-Kyo and put the people into deathly terror.