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GARO THE ANIMATION 2 / 牙狼 –紅蓮ノ月-

30min x 25eps 2015
©2015 “GARO THE ANIMATION 2” Keita Amemiya / Tohokushinsha
“GARO” was first telecast in late night timeslot on Japanese TV in 2005. Since then, its dark and unique view of the world, stylish footages by taking full advantage of computer-generated graphics and VFX technique as well as gorgeous and dynamic action scenes of this live-action TV series have become popular among others. Following the success of live action GARO titles, a long-awaited animated TV series, “GARO THE ANIMATION” (MAPPA Production - Screenplay: Yasuko Kobayashi) has become an unprecedented hit content of GARO franchise. To accommodate increased demands, 2nd season of animated TV series, namely "GARO THE ANIMATION 2" is in post-production, and Masakazu Katsura ("Tiger & Bunny") is invited to create the Character Design. The setting of the story will be 9th century of Ancient Japan, preserving a usual mythic and unique view of the world created in GARO franchise.
Broadcast on TV Tokyo